Oatmeal Citrus Soap

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Two of my faves come together to make a deliciously smelling and soothing bar of soap. Lemon and Sweet Orange Essential Oils are known to be uplifting and powerful cleansers. Oatmeal soothes your skin and is gentle enough to exfoliate your face and body. These ingredients come together in a well balanced spa that is uplifting yet calming, not to mention your shower is bound to smell like a citrus grove!

- No SLS
- No Parabens
- Made with %100 Pure Essential Oils

All UnTamed Soaps are made with a blend of oils and vegetable derived moisturizers and proteins. All soaps are scented with only %100 Pure Essential Oils. UnTamed Natural Care does not make any medical claims. Please read ingredients before using. Always store natural products in a cool and dry place.